The Preston Calendar

Wednesday, the 1st at 2:00 Hats Off to Dr. Seuss- Life Begins March 2, 1904
Let’s talk about his childhood and see some family photos. He had some events in his early years (4-15) that really shaped the man he became and explain many of his choices in later life as well as his drawing and writing. Today starts our Dr. Seuss journey for the month of March.

Thursday, the 2nd of March at 2:00 in the DR

Today would have been his 119th Birthday! Celebrate Dr. Seuss with DJ’s Green Sherbet Floats that will tickle your taste buds this afternoon. In honor of his best selling book “Green Eggs and Ham” we will see how well your “ears” and “thinker-uppers” work. Are you intrigued yet? It will be an “Egg-Cellent” time!

Saturday, the 4th at 3:00 BASED ON A TRUE STORY….Hidden Figures
The untold story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson brilliant African American women working at NASA and serving as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit. The visionary trio crossed all gender and race lines to inspire generations to dream big. After the launch, the activity at NASA dies down. Vivian finally promotes Dorothy to supervisor in the Analysis and Computation Division and addresses her as Mrs. Vaughan. Mary gets her degree and becomes an engineer. Katherine went on to calculate the trajectories for the 1969 Apollo 11 flight to the Moon and for Apollo 13, as well. President Obama awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015. In 2016, the Langley Research Center in Virginia where she worked was renamed the Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility. She retired in 1986 and remains married to Jim Johnson to this day.

Friday, the 5th at 3:00 A Man Ahead of His Time
I promise I will not read books to you that are on a first grade level. I have found over the years as I have read some of Dr. Seuss’ books to past Community Members, and they were very well received. There are many of his books that most people have never heard. I have two books in mind to read to you that I am sure that you have never read before. They both have very important subject matter that Dr. Seuss was very passionate about. The subject matter is just as relevant today as it was back in 1971 and 1984. This event will last about 45 minutes.

Monday, the 6th at 2:30 The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss

Throughout Theodor Geisel’s life he pursued MANY other forms of art besides illustrations for children’s books. He did over 400 political cartoons, advertisements for magazines, and posters for the Army during WWII; but the best kept secret was his “Midnight Paintings.” His wife begged him to share these works of art with the world, but he made her promise that they stay hidden away until after his death. The paintings broke new ground of an unseen dimension of his art. These fabulous and whimsical paintings created for his own please are now available to the public to enchant and amaze you
Tuesday, the 7th at 2:00 Backyard Birds

Sue from the Zoo will be here to show you how to attack our local birds, which ones migrate, what they sound and look like. Please come and make her feel welcome again. (She did the Owl show.)

Thursday, the 9th at 2:00 Tim Ritter: Wild Bill Hickock Shoot-out on the Square in Springfield

Join award-winning author and historian and good friend, Tim Ritter for a fascinating look into the background of J.B. “Wild Bill” Hickok and Davis Tutt, their families, and their path to Springfield, Missouri. Straight out of the Wild West days, learn how their lives twisted and turned until they found themselves facing each other with pistols drawn on the public square in Springfield in 1865. Within seconds, both men, as well as the confrontation itself, would become legends. If that wasn’t enough, the aftermath of the shooting can teach us a thing or two about genealogy, and how we look at some of our more notorious ancestors.

Saturday, the 11th at 3:00 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood starring Tom Hanks

I am sure many of you watched the children’s tv show called Mr. Rogers. His interesting life story is told in this true story. As usual Tom Hanks is brilliant portraying him. Synopsis: Lloyd Vogel is an investigative journalist who receives an assignment to profile Fred Rogers, aka Mr. Rogers. He approaches the interview with skepticism, as he finds it hard to believe that anyone can have such a good nature. But Roger’s empathy, kindness and decency soon chips away at Vogel’s jaded outlook on life, forcing the reporter to reconcile with his own painful past.

Sunday, the 12th at 1:30 An Event at the Library Center Auditorium. The Second Sunday Music Series presents: Bold Deniers.

They will help us celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Featuring Jane Caldwell, Turner Collins and Jesse Owsley, these singers and multi-instrumentalists united in the performance of Irish dance tunes, traditional and contemporary songs. Sponsored by Friends of the Library. DJ will be taking you.

Monday, the 13th at 2:00 in the DR The Evolution of Ice Cream

How many years ago did people start making ice cream? What were George Washington and Abe Lincoln’s favorite flavors? Did you kids run after the ice cream truck that drove through your neighborhood on hot summer days? Do you know the history behind the ice cream truck? Ding, ding, ding….come follow the sound to the dining room and have these questions answered. Then DJ will serve you the historic president’s favorites!!!!

Tuesday, the 14th at 2:00 in the theatre Lisa Murphy presents: How to Have More Energy
Come join Lisa Murphy, OT for this educational class. Are you “tired of feeling tired”? Do you get exhausted before your day is even over?? Well, come to this lecture for some really valuable tips, tricks, ideas & shortcuts to make your life easier! You will learn how to work smarter, not harder. There are many things you can start doing today that will make a difference in how you feel & how much energy you have. This is some good stuff!

Wednesday the 15th at 12:30 Branson Show: Celtic Ladies and Irish Tenors

This is a fabulous show. Unfortunately, it costs $48. They are supposed to have an Area Appreciation Show in Mid-March, last year it was $18. I am hoping it falls during this week. Here is the description of the show: Returning to their roots, these guys bring their Celtic music and songs to the Midwest in one of the area’s most-loved, live shows! Performing one of the most musically diverse acts that you will see on any stage, the twelve tenors will entertain and delight you with music that spans genres from around the world and eras throughout history! Just a few of the songs you will hear each show include: “Danny Boy,” “Hey Jude,” “Rolling in the Deep,” and Nessun Dorm – all of which will leave you wanting more by the time the curtain goes down.

While your journey will take you on an exploration of some of the most famous modern and traditional Irish tunes throughout history, the show also features some of the biggest hits from rock ‘n roll to opera and classical music – it highlights of some of the best songs to have come out of the last one hundred years!

Much more than just singing, the show infuses singing, dancing, costumes, and staging to create a production that is second-to-none! The 5 men will display their vocal abilities that have gained them worldwide recognition as one of the finest group of Irish Tenors in the world, while the 4 Celtic ladies will serenade you with their beautiful harmonies.
Thursday, the 16th at 12:00 noon “The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers”
This is a virtual conversation with Maxwell King, author of the New York Times bestselling biography of Mister Rogers, “The Good Neighbor.” The author will be live on our big screen in our theatre to do this presentation. This will be a nice follow up from the movie that you watched on Sunday. However, even if you did not watch the movie, you will not be left behind. Drawing on original interviews, oral histories and archival documents, King traces Rogers’ personal, professional, and artistic life through decades of work and explains what he learned along the way.

Monday, the 21st, at 2:00 Scenic Drive of Route 66 through Springfield.

Let’s drive the path that runs through Springfield and she what buildings are left.

Tuesday, the 21st at 10:30 We will have free admission to see the new display of Route 66 at the History Museum on the Square. You can talk to DJ if you have questions.

Wednesday the 22nd at 2:00 Music with Melinda Mullins

Melinda has a very interesting background. Her dad was a singer/songwriter. “He was very talented,” Melinda said. “He was lucky and had the success of getting some songs recorded by some pretty prominent country people back in the day.” Porter Wagoner sang a Johnny song on the first episode of the Ozark Jubilee in 1955. Porter recorded “Company’s Comin’.” It was both Porter’s and Johnny’s first hit.
“Porter was just starting his singing career,” Melinda said. “Dad said, ‘well, I’m a writer’ and so they
kind of got together that way and through Si Siman the publisher of Earl Barton Music in Springfield.
“That led to more opportunities. Loretta Lynn recorded Johnny’s song “Success” in 1962. It was her
first top-10 hit. “She asked dad to write a song for her,” Melinda said after the hit. “And so he wrote
‘Blue Kentucky Girl.’ She had beautiful blue eyes and she was from Kentucky. And she recorded that in
‘65. And that one did great for Loretta; she continued to perform that up until she passed away last
October.” Blue Kentucky Girl was re-recorded in 1979. Emmylou Harris’ version was nominated for
two Grammys. Johnny didn’t win Country Song of the Year, but Emmylou did win for female country
performance. Johnny might have gotten something better than a Grammy when he got back from the
award show in LA. Wilder Elementary held a huge assembly for the man they knew as their janitor. “He
loved those kids,” Melinda said. “I mean, he would come home almost every day telling stories.”

Thursday, the 23rd in the Game Room/Preston Pub The Irish Pub Documentary (around an hour)

The Irish Pub is still in business run by family members who pass down the business from generation to generation. This documentary is delightful in the men who are still running them today. You will learn history, culture, and the “gift of gab” from these Irish Gentlemen. We will watch this in the Game Room and pretend it is The Preston Pub with snacks and beverages of your choice. DJ will share a few “Irish sayings” with you too! Come join the fun!

Sunday, the 25th at 1:30 AUDREY: More Than Just An Icon

The 2020 documentary on the famed actress, humanitarian and fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn.. The documentary covers the life of the extraordinary actress. It is “An intimate look at Audrey Hepburn’s life, with access to exclusive never-before-seen footage from her family’s personal collection, providing an unprecedented and insightful view on Audrey, her life and her dreams, aspirations and her everlasting legacy.” Alongside the exclusive archival footage, you’ll also see Francesca Hayward play the role of Audrey during the 1960s in re-enactments.

Tuesday, the 28th at 2:00 Lisa Murphy Presents: Hypertension “The Silent Attack”
Come listen and learn more about this! You’ll find out about the importance of having healthy blood pressure. Learn what controls it, what can go wrong & how critical it is to keep it managed. Come learn about how you can successfully monitor & manage your blood pressure at home. We’ll learn the roles nutrition & exercise play in maintaining a healthy blood pressure. You won’t want to miss this!